Otus scops

The sad story of Gian and Gion two brothers…

Two brothers Gian (Gianis), an easy going chap and his brother Gion (Giorgos) decided to go up into the mountains for a hike and some fishing and hunting.

They gathered ripe fruit and wild vegetables, but the game was illusive and Gion was not satisfied. He wanted a fat rabbit or at least some fish, so although it was already getting dark he set off for to catch more food.

Gian was content with their meal and he was not happy at all with Gion wandering off into the night. “Go to sleep, malaka, tomorrow we’ll have more luck”… but his brother was cross and stubborn, “I’ll be damned if I go to sleep with only a beggar’s bite in my stomach!”

And off he strode. Gian waited and waited until well after midnight before he got really worried and started to look for his brother.

But it was no use, the moon was new and the stars gave too little light for his search to be even remotely successful. Tears stung in his eyes and he started to pray to the Gods and Godesses … Please please give me wings and speed and eyes that can sea in the night.

Athina heard him and felt pity for the worried stumbling man. She changed him into a small owl, quick and too insignificant for predators. She gave the little owl a strong and far reaching voice.

That night he didn’t find Gion, neither did he the following nights, but he never gave up.

Still to this day as soon as night falls he flies everywhere on Crete ¬†looking for his brother and calling out: “Gion Gion Gion!”