Parus Caeruleus, Blue Tit



New Adventures, New Blog.

Until now I have been using Blogger for my travel stories, but it’s time for a new self hosted blog.

Although Blogger blogs are easy to use, free and get a lot of free traffic from daddy Google, there are some problems. For instance there was one post in which I wrote about a lovely little bird, whose English name was somewhat unfortunate and too much for the Google sanitary police ((-:

The Blue Tit! 

If breasts had been the problem they could have censored another picture, but they didn’t. This beautiful icy lady was sculpted in a farm garden in Holland by my daughter and her best friend, on one of the first snowy days of a Dutch winter some five years ago. Maybe it’s her eyes or maybe it’s because she’s white and not blue…






You can still read my musings and  previous adventures on freshflowersweekly  if you like , but new stuff I will write here.

Happy to see you back!